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The TALL Cups of Consciousness 

Every three weeks Aleya offers a 1-hr live video group session where she tunes into your energetic fields as well as the “energetic weather” happening on the planet. You can participate either online or by phone. Join in the conversation in the online chat group before and after the session. Click here to learn more about the TALL Cups  or  Sign up here for the Next TALL Cups session. 

These powerful sessions address specific areas and are both timely and timeless – they can be used at any time for your energetic shifts and healing. They are potent and layered so each time you listen you receive greater shifts. Watch or listen to the Most Recent TALL Cups sessions.

Energetic Forecasts & Conscious Conversations – Every two or three months Aleya looks at the upcoming planetary energy and gives a FREE Energetic Forecast to assist with your energetic preparation. Aleya also gives a FREE live 1-hr Conscious Conversation every few months where she dives in more deeply to discuss your questions about the concepts, protocols, and practical application of the Seven Gateway Principles. To receive notifications of the next Energetic Forecast and Conscious Conversation, Subscribe to Aleya’s Newsletter. To watch or listen to the previous sessions, access HERE.


In-person Events 2017

Aleya in France for a DEEP Energetic Retreat Dive – 
May 19th, 20th, and 21st 2017  – Come to Aleya’s 2017 Deep Dive

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