The Dolphin MessageJun 18, 2014

Their Message: “Go in grace and you shall be graceful. Go in peace and you shall be at peace.  Go with love and you shall be in love.”   Let go of all that no longer feeds you and free … Continue reading

7 Gateway PractitionersJan 10, 2014

All practitioners on this page have studied intensively with me for years. Some of them have been working with me for 8 years in the physical realm and many more years in the higher realms. Each individual below has been … Continue reading

An Interesting CommentarySep 2, 2013

I hired Anthony to help me write copy in early 2013. This was a funny and interesting article he wrote about the experience. A job I didn’t really want to take on at first… Aleya Dao came recommended from my … Continue reading

Flip It SheetMay 23, 2013

Click here to download the Flip It PDF We do the opposite of what we are intending on mastering until we reach a certain level of consciousness and we begin to practice that which we intend to master.  Abandonment – … Continue reading

We Are Here to Spiritually EvolveApr 16, 2013

We are here to spiritual evolve. Our primary mission, job, and work is to focus on our spiritual evolutionary process. Our definition of spiritual evolution is the process of opening our hearts to the vibration of connection: the peace and state of … Continue reading

The Opening of GaiaMar 18, 2013

The time has come to surrender to the light within and release the illusions of the past and the future. You have seen illusions of this world — only what was wanted to be believed. The eyes will open and … Continue reading

Surround MeMar 12, 2013

You surround me in the air I breathe. I feel your presence everywhere. There is nowhere I can’t find you. I see your smile in all the faces of love. I feel your breath in all the winds that wash … Continue reading

Working With Your Angelic TeamJul 24, 2012

The angelic realm that surrounds each individual is here to serve. They have a hard time serving when they are still holding onto issues from other times or other beings. In order to help your team help you, their energy … Continue reading

Why We Need BoundariesApr 15, 2009

You have an energy field around you. Only your energy should be in your own energetic field. Own your own energetic space and fill it with your own gifts to hold greater protection, integrity, and empowerment. Model right energy to … Continue reading

How to Deal with Empathic SensitivityMar 25, 2009

1) Hold discernment that the energy you are feeling is not yours. 2) Invite your Higher Self to relay all relevant and appropriate information to whomever you are feeling. (You do not need to know what this information is or … Continue reading

What is Happening on Earth Right NowMar 7, 2009

The ringing in my ears reminds me the angles are wanting a word with me. I turn my awareness into the other worlds and open my heart waiting, watching feeling for the energies, information, and transmissions they are intending to … Continue reading