Other Recommended Practitioners

Krista Kieding Certified Reiki and Energy Practitioner. Visit www.kristakieding.com or email krista@kristakieding.com for more information.

Nicole Fuller – Star You Coaching empowers women to create a body and a life that they love with an enjoyable, personalized, holistic approach to weight loss that uses methods of inquiry similar to traditional therapy along with energetic tools like meditation, concrete recommendations, and other resources individualized for each client. The blocks that slow down or prevent clients from having the body and body image that they want are revealed and healed through a co-creative examination of the layers in the relationships to food, the body, other people, and the inner world. Nicole Fuller, certified health coach, personal trainer, and M.Ed, teaches women who are ready to feel radiant to bring in new, practical lifestyle solutions and tools in order to uncover their best possible selves and finally succeed in loving their bodies.

Elizabeth Pfeiffer – As a Certified Master Intuitive Coach® & Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Guide & Teacher, Elizabeth utilizes New Innovative tools and Trademarked processes in order to help women tap into their intuition, change their mind-set and move into greater states of health, abundance and joy. She also offers a 7 month (SI2HC) Shifting Into Higher Consciousness program, based on the principles of Aleya’s Seven Gateways. Visit www.ElizabethPfeiffer.com for more information.

Heart Based Singing – with Agatha my voice teacher!
Alexandra Navarro – Angelic Communicator
Feng Shui – Serafina’s Enlightenment Journeys – Serafina Krupp
Jeannette Dashjian – Massage and Pranic Healing in Fresno, CA
Kate Loukes – Neurodevelopment, mind/body awareness, self regulation for children.
Dave Markowitz – Medical Intuitive
John Pofsky – Somatic Therapies – Healing through breath
Stacie Clenet – Massage therapy, Cranial Sacral Energy Practitioner
Workshops for the “New Kids” Central Coast, CA At Quiet Star
Inspiring People and Projects:
Kathryn Brewer – Working with Children in Africa  
Kimberly Klein – Turning tragedy to triumph. Life after death.