Healthy Prayer

Here’s a video snippet from a TALL Cup of Conscious Session that talks about how to pray a complete prayer and help another person in a co-creative, healthy way.
The transcript:
Healthy Prayer
This is how to pray or help another person.
I think that the energetic protocols that I’m speaking are “full working prayers.” A lot of the prayers that I’ve read in the ancient texts and in modern texts have parts of the prayer missing. I think of those as broken prayers, without all 7 components.
The way that you would help another person is that you’d think about that person and what you want for them (to be happy, calm, kind, in integrity, etc.), then bring your awareness to your own divine line by pulling your breath and awareness in, and then travel up that column of light to your Higher Self. Then, at the level of your Higher Self, activate those vibrations, consciousness, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs on yourself. Invite your body deva to move into that same energetic stance, and your team as well. Increase and increase that energy, whatever that vibration might be.
For example…
If I wanted everyone to be in a state of peace and alignment, I would bring all my awareness into my divine line, traveling up to my Higher Self, making the request that my Higher Self activate all my wisdom and master of the vibration of peace on myself, in myself, in my divine line. Once I’ve got that going I invite my body deva to activate that same vibration of peace, and my team to activate that same vibration of peace on themselves, in themselves, for themselves. Then I imagine standing before humanity and holding the vibration of peace. I model the energy in my fields. I have no attachment to changing anyone. I’m creating a strong, coherent, positive, empathic field of transformation. Then I invite my body deva, my Higher Self and my Team’s Higher Selves to send any information about how to hold peace inside themselves to humanity. I bring my awareness back and hold compassion and a safe and loving space for them to be in whatever they need to be in while I’m modeling the solution in my fields.
That is how I pray for the environment and for people. If they get it, they get it. If they don’t, they don’t, but at least I’m holding it and modeling it in my fields.