The Opening of Gaia

SurrenderThe time has come to surrender to the light within and release the illusions of the past and the future. You have seen illusions of this world — only what was wanted to be believed. The eyes will open and the realms will reveal the truth of the chaos and order. The stress of the present will no longer be felt as the realms that are higher descend into this one. The ears and hearts will awaken and from that place a new world will be born.
Much fear traverses the hearts that are not open. There will come a time when the fear is nothing more than a shadow held in the farthest reaches of the oceans. The dimensions are merging into one, all beings will live together with open hearts and open ears. It will take a few centuries for all the hearts to awaken, but in time they will. This planet is going through a birthing canal and will enter into a greater quadrant of light. She will breach and roll in delight as her skin is caressed by this warmth and light. She will expand and her heart will awaken in an even more delightful way. This breach and roll like a whale in the ocean will only be felt by those who hold the fear in the heart. Others will feel it as a soft, warm current coursing through their own being.
You have come into this world to guide those who are ready to awaken. Listen to their hearts and in doing so you too will awaken. Your joy is to sit and be at the opening of Gaia.