The Time Is Upon Us

The tide rolls in and the dolphin slaps the ocean with its tail. I open my ears after a long silence.
“Are you there?”  I ask the ones in the other realms. I sit, waiting, in the silence of the ocean surf.
It is not sounds I hear at first but a presence that surrounds me, like a comforting blanket of love.
“We are here.”  They respond. “We have never left your side. All along we have been here, waiting, watching for you to return from your time of silence, which is now over. You held your head high as you sat in the stillness. We took a time of silence so that you could find your voice and hear your tune.”
“I think I have, although I much prefer the open-sided conversations.”
“As do we. It nice to have you return. In your return you will visit the ocean nearly everyday and the dolphins and now whales will begin to guide you through your next steps. You have been going through a time of integration and we believe it is time for you to ascend, not literally, but to ‘bump it up’ so to speak. Your vibration has dropped since you have arrived on the planet simply because of the environment. You will be creating more opportunities to surround yourself with higher vibratory beings and environments. It is time to move out of the center of town and back to the hills. The time has begun, the quickening is upon us. The higher realms are going to begin shifting in dramatic ways. The time is upon us for the shift and change. Open your ears and quiet your mind, let us write our words of wisdom using your hands. And clearly type the words you hear.”