Letting Go

We propel ourselves through space and back in time. A silent calm in the spaces in between m10628111_sy heart and all that is.  A planet in chaos and calm all at the same time. 
How to be in this time? Quietly, calmly – breathe in and out and wait for the still point of the storm. At that point all will shift there will be an inner rumble within your heart and we shall all burst forth into the light together, not knowing how, why, or when, for all we shall see will be the light of our hearts as they merge forward together.
There will soon be this time, but until then wait patiently – breathe – to build your space, your strength, breathe in your light and let go of all that no longer serves. Some of you may feel fear…let it go as Gaya (earth) does.  Earth is releasing her chains of slavery and asks that you do the same. We request that you too be released from these veils of shame, victim, victimizer for they no longer serve. 
Dissolve all emotions that cause suffering, as they do not belong to you anymore.  They are clothes you have outgrown. Give them back to source and be free to use your freedom to choose divine will – love, light, joy and delight.
Step into the divine power, divine will. 
Let all words and actions come from the divine heart. Let all emotions find their way back into the heart of the divine. If you feel hatred towards another find where you feel hatred towards yourself. 
When you find that place call in your heart that resides in the heart of the divine. From that place let the darkness be filled with light. Do this for all things in your life.
Our world is merely a reflection of where we have light within ourselves. Fill yourself consciously with light and all shall be light in a very short time. In order to have this change we must feel in our bodies the shift of heaviness to lightness.  When your body feels lighter after this imagery, thought intention, sound, and or touch, know that the shift has taken place.
Words from the wise ones in the higher realms.






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  1. This is so beautiful and contains really valuable information. Is there a way I can share this on FB? I didn't see a link or can you repost it to your FB page? Blessings, Sveta

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I will have my webmaster add the share option next week. In the meantime you can grab the text from this post and post it in your Facebook and quote me and or link to this page. Thank you. Aleya

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