Angelic Beings

The energy beings in the other realms are often referred to as angels. Living Moment to Moment
These beings have different levels of enlightened consciousness. Some angels are very wise and hold a high level of connection with the state of oneness, and some hold vibrations of separation – drama, trauma, and pain. When we refer to someone’s team we use the term angel. Our team is not necessarily enlightened. They may be completely clueless and are standing around, hoping you will clue them in. They may have belief systems and perceptions that they carry with them from past incarnations that they would like to shift, and they are waiting for you to get clued in to the fact that you all are a team.
Tune your energies into them and see what issues they are ready to shift into a greater level of consciousness. You are not alone. Your ancestors also hold space in your field and their consciousness can affect yours. In order to assist your team, and your ancestors, we must first become calm and still.
We are never alone. All beings from your pod gather around you in other dimensions at all times. They feel you in every moment.