The Key

15645513_sYour physical dimension holds the key to the vibrations that exist in the other dimensions that surround you. Your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, all of your belief systems, all of your thoughts, all of your fears, all of your joys, all of your enthusiasm, your drive, your will, is determined in the other dimensions that surround you. We are a hologram of light, of consciousness. When we acknowledge the presence and the expression of the other dimensions, we have the capacity to change them.
You are surrounded by beings that exist, and live in other dimensions. They hold their own consciousness, their own belief systems, their own fears, their own goals. When you move your core into alignment of their divine essence, you move into alignment with your divine essence as well.
If you have an ancestor who stands next to you in another dimension who is angry, you will be angry. If you assist them in releasing their anger, your anger will shift as well. If someone in your team loves chocolate chip cookies, you will be driven to eat chocolate chip cookies. If someone on your team is plagued by a fear or doubt, you will feel this as well. When we assist our team in releasing these negative thoughts off their physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and dimensional bodies, we too will feel this release.



2 thoughts on “The Key

  1. A friend pointed me to this website last week… I have listen to one of the intensives ans feel good. Haven´t grasped yet the definition of “team” and also I don´t know where to place the “personality” in the trilogy model Soul , BD and Team, Can u please point me to an audio that explains this? You mentioned in the audio intensive to watch videos of the 7 gateways… can u please point me to the?

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