A Journey from Source

13487410_sWe wander from the source of the divine – each life-time tracking our way back home. In this time we ask for all of you to gather yourselves together and remember the way home while staying in the physical form.
As you map your way back home while staying in the density of this form you allow for a stronger connection in the physical dimension, linking the world of density into a higher order, and higher realm.
As we shift into this higher realm, the possibilities for expanding our reality into a state of connection becomes endless. There are infinite possibilities to shift all worlds into greater states of connection, expression, love, light, joy and delight.
All energies yearn for a greater state of connection and expression in this Universe. Way back when the source of this universe expressed itself the energies expressed had vibrations of connection, with a desire to expand beyond all that had ever been. As each molecule of energy that was released from the core of the divine, a magnetic vibration was encoded. The Source holds one magnetic frequency and all that is not in the core of source has a magnetic pull back to Source.
The infinite expression of millions divine lines from trillions of sources all learning from the journey of the mystery of the divine radiant.