Returning Home – A Dolphin Poem

Hearts pound in unison. We reach for air – together.
Propelling ourselves through time.
How many moments pass in this timeless space where we are in one breath, one heart?
I find the surface in the darkness.
They surface and surround me.
A warmth touches my cold skin.
Lines of light penetrate the dark waters and in my heart I feel their caresses. In gentle circles we become one. No time passes. We breathe the same breath, the same air. There is nothing but water and skin, fins and flippers, waves touching all that is there, no cares, all is one in this space of weightless water, all love, all one. Each beat of my heart pumps into the moment when I feel the stillness of the one heart in the water. 
Propelled to preserve and protect the hearts of the ocean, for we are all one in this time and space of all that is.
We come from the oceans and there we shall return.
Our hearts reside in the sounds of the whales.
In their hearts I find my home. In the darkest hours of the night I slip into the waters that are darker than the night. I take a deep breath and become one with the ocean, returning home to family.