The Heart

If you could live from your heart in each moment, would you?
Being in your heart and living from that place allows you to be in your integrity. When you are in your heart, you are in integrity.
How do I know if I am in my heart? How do I get there?
Take a few deep breaths and bring all of your attention and intention into your heart. Ask for the energetic beings that surround you and make up your team to move into their hearts as well. From this place, with your breath, find your inner stillness in your heart. For just a moment imagine yourself floating above earth. In that space feel your heart. Ask for all cords and vibrations that no longer serve you to be dissolved in love and light.
Living from a place of integrity is essential if we want to ascend. When we move into integrity we begin to acknowledge the power and wisdom we carry within our own hearts. Integrity allows us to move into a greater connection with our own divine essence.