The Formula

There are 3 energies that affect our reality.
We have a Soul Essence. It is that divine aspect of you.
You have a physical human form, your body. Your body is from Earth. It holds a Nature Consciousness.
You have energy consciousness that surrounds you. They are angelic beings that are here to help you. They exist in a higher dimensional realm. They hold a similar consciousness and can act as an energetic buffer and send you information.
When we want to shift an energy in the physical realm we need to make the request to the appropriate energies in the appropriate dimension. The formula for shifting the energy is as follows…
We invite your Higher Self (that divine essence aspect of you), your Body Deva’s HIgher Self (the Nature Consciousness of your physical human form), and your Team (the energy consciousness that surrounds you) to work with your energetic fields and guides to (fill in the blank with an appropriate request) _____________
Example: locate all responsibilities that you are carrying that are not yours and send them back to their right and perfect place, as well as sending any and all appropriate information to the Higher Selves of the appropriate individuals.
After a request let it happen in your energy fields. Let your Higher Self (that energetic aspect of you) do the work. Always ask for your reference points to be updated after every protocol.