The Inspiration of the Daily Meditations

I was driving down to San Diego in November of 2008 and was having a discussion with my Guides in the other realms. I was asking them how I could be of greater service in the world. A few moments later I felt their loving presence around me filling me with a hologram of information, emotions, visions, and eventually words…”daily meditations offered online via e-mail.”
“Humm.” I thought and responded, “That is a good idea.” I thanked them for their idea and began to look at what it would take to deliver that idea in the physical realm.
After a month of discussing the idea with my husband (who is in the physical dimension) and the Guides (who are not) I contacted my web master “genius” Paul Siebels. (Who is the most patient and organized man I know). I told him my vision and we began to dream the idea into being. It took 7 weeks to create the online subscription program and other web details. All the while I was wondering how I would be able to maintain discipline and pull off this lovely idea. With shaking knees I began to tune into the energies and bring in sweet, short little meditations. I remember the first meditation I recorded it took me 7 takes to get it just right. The meditation part was not the hard part, it was the idea that many would perhaps hear them, judge them, etc. The normal stage fright stuff. Well, I got over that and began to really enjoy tuning into each day and recording bit of wisdom from the Guides, the Dolphins, and of course Earth herself.
Two days before I launched the daily meditations into the world which was February 26th, 2009, I was running with my dog Freckles at Padaro Beach. (No, I did not name him Freckles, he is a rescue dog and we adopted him in 2006, and I did not think changing his name would help him in his moment of confusion, but he has a secret new name for himself that he has shared with me – Griffin – which I think is quite fitting). So we were running on the beach and I suddenly get completely winded (unusual) and immediately dropped to by belly on the Earth to breathe. After I caught my breath, my eyes were still closed I looked with my third eye and saw Gaya as an amazing Goddess standing before me. My heart opens and tears swell. I am always so moved to have encounters with her in this way even though every day my hands and feet caress her being. I greeted her and asked her how I could be of service to her. She responded with a loving smile and asked that each day I do the daily meditations I do them for her as well. I responded, “I would be honored.” So, in my e-mail subscriber list receives an e-mail each morning as well as all those who have subscribed.
Each day continues to be a journey and today I was guided by Gaya and The Guides to begin a daily meditation blog, to journal the insights that come along with the daily meditations.
For those of you who receive the daily meditations it is a true honor to journey with you on this amazing planet in these tremendous times of transformation. Thank you.



One thought on “The Inspiration of the Daily Meditations

  1. Hello Aleya,
    What a beautiful story, and blog page. This is something I am thinking of doing which also sparked my interest. I also do sound and energy healing, I like the openness with which you share! I also delivered a friend's baby 14, I can't believe it, years ago, her name is Aleya… Spiritual journeys are amazing! I've been given much and reaching for ways to share also. Thanks for your subtle loving energy, I'm grateful I stopped to feel!

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