Manifestation in the Physical Dimension

Everything in the physical dimension is an expression of higher dimensional realities. In order to manifest in the physical dimension we must look into other dimensions. In these higher dimensions we look at the vibrations that must shift in order to change the vibrations.
Before we create, we imagine, we build in our mind our dream, from that place the molecules of creation spin creating a grid of light for all energies to fall into. As the grid of light is constructed, and the mind, heart, and passion fill this grid with light, manifestation is created in the physical plane. All of the elements (earth, water, wind, and fire) are balanced and activated in love and light and spun within the grids of the desired manifestation. Once the passion, intentions, thoughts, elements are manifested in the grid of light in the dimension of the imagination, take it with thought and intention into the physical dimension and have it activated with the crystalline holographic light, dissolving all blocks, and obstructions in all realms off the project at hand. Once the way is clear with the use of the holographic light, request that this grid holding these desired intentions manifest in all appropriate dimensions in divine time. By opening the channels of light into the intended grid (project) all energies can conspire to manifest these desires.