About Classes With Aleya

Class Schedule

"Aleya is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine. Her techniques are effective, powerful, and gentle."


Revitalize Your Resources  - Free audio files from a class I taught in Fresno on 04-22-12.


Saturday June 16th from 10am to 1pm I will be teaching a class to healers on co-creative healing. releasing co-dependence, and managing empathic sensitivity.


Online classes - Download the video and audio of The Seven Gateways

Aleya teaches the Seven Gateway Principles. The Seven gateways are principles that Aleya uses in her healing work and in her own life.  Read more About the Seven Gateways

  • Each principle opens the doorway to access a higher energy, which holds a higher consciousness.
  • Each principle works with the other principles. They are all connected and if used together they can assist one in living a more empowered, conscious life.
  • The principles help explain why we draw certain people or events into our life.
  • They also help us discover why we react the way we do and how we can shift our reactions and limiting belief systems.

The Flip It Sheet - We do the opposite of that which we intend to master until we move into a certain level of awareness and begin to practice that which we intend to master.


If you would like me to come to your area and teach any classes I am happy to do so, depending on the location and a minimum of 20 students. Contact me at info@aleyadao.com (Group size minumum of 20 people. Cost per person $100 in CA)


A Class Teaching Children About Their Energy Fields - This is a 30 to 40 minute class held for children from the ages of 6 and up. It focuses on bringing in practical and fun tools kids can use to keep themselves balanced, empowered and happy.




Past Trips with Aleya

I have no upcoming trips planned at this time.


Groups I recommend for dolphin and whale experiences:


Wild Quest


Anne Gordon In Panama


Dragon Fly Ranch on Big Island