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Not getting your mediations?

Check Your SPAM/Junk folder!

Add to your email address book.

Click here to learn how to white list an email address, or add it to your address book.

Login to your My Meditations to see if the daily cup is there.

If your cup of the day is there...that means your email server is blocking and/or marking the daily cups as spam.

You will need to login online to your mail server, access your mail online, and search the spam or junk folder for the meditations. Once you have found them, mark one of the emails as not spam and/or set up a filter to prevent it from landing in your junk mailbox.


If you daily cup is not there...

Login to your Account -

Check the status of your daily cup subscription.

If your subscription is expired you can renew.


To change your email address for the daily Cups and TALL Cups...

Use the link below to login to your account to update your email address:


To update your credit card information for your subscriptions:

1. Go to

2. Enter email address to login (

3. Click [My Account]

4. Click "Update My Payment Method/Credit Card"

5. Enter c/c information and click [Update]