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04/21/2017 - Use Your Gifts to Support and Protect & Support You [2479]

Use today's bundle to use your gifts to support and protect you. Think of how many lifetimes you have been creating and refining your wisdom, inner gifts, and mastery. Gather all of your energetic gifts that you have given others. Hold and use them on yourself. Model your mastery as you move in the world. This cup can help you unplug from fear, feeling unsupported, and unprotected.

  • Energetically locate your Soul's gifts.
  • Clean, clear, and calibrate your gifts for you.
  • Invite your body deva and Team to do the same.
  • Tones to help you retrieve and calibrate your gifts for yourself.
  • Embed your gifts in your field.
  • Calibrate your gifts, wisdom, and mastery to support and protect you.
May your inner gifts, wisdom, and mastery support and protect you.

Join me for the next TALL Cup on Wednesday April 26th at 7pm.

Body Deva Gifts - Support

Use this additional cup to increase body support.

Increase Power, Support, Creativity

Sip on this third cup to increase the support as we prepare for the quickening to being on April 26th.


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Comments & Discussion

MarilynThis is super strong, relevant, and supportive for me right now! Thanks, I LOVE the light language and toning, puts me in a really clear, relaxed state of being!April 21st 2017
vmanz1Thank You..Lovely..PowerfulApril 21st 2017
alannahLovely! I saw a large sailing ship.April 21st 2017
NatalieBeautiful and powerful !April 21st 2017
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