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07/21/2017 - Perceive from a Compassionate and Empowered Stance [2548]

Today's cup is an energetic protocol and toning to assist you in getting clean and clear so that you have the ability to perceive from an empowered and compassionate stance.

  • Hold your awareness in your your divine line
  • Bring in sacred shapes, sounds, and light that have the ability to clean and clear the crystalline structures within and around the skull, crown chakra, and the upper energy centers for greater clarity, discernment, compassion, a positive outlook, curiosity, resilience, vitality, and passion.
  • Call yourself from the future as an ascended Master to stand in front of you.
  • Invite yourself from the future as an ascended Master to place your hand upon your third eye and to infuse the vibrations of compassion, clarity, discernment, and empowerment into your third eye.
  • Take a moment to allow some energetic aspect of you from future to help you see clearly.
May you see from a place of clarity, compassion, and empowerment.


Thank you for your comments and feedback. I am inspired daily by your words.


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Comments & Discussion

srbsundancerThis really worked for me. Nice to hear the guidance, follow it, and have things turn out amazingly!!! Thank you Aleya!6:53:24am
ployerThis "Cup" truly spoke to me. Thank you.
July 21st 2017
NatalieOh how wonderful...I love this !July 21st 2017
MarilynVery dreamy! Love the imagery too!July 21st 2017
terriWonderful!July 21st 2017
rinne.veronikaPowerful cup! Love the background music as well.July 21st 2017
Recorded 07/21/2017
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