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11/17/2017 - Aspects to work in protocols [2635]

A collection of hummingbird sips...Today's cups are more of a teaching moment than meditations. The first cup talks about aspects that you want to really focus on when you are working with the sacred trinity, you, your body, and your Teams.

The second cup is little sip about neediness and how to not be needy.


  • Sacred Trinity - You, Your Body, and Team (Your Team and Your Body Deva's Team)
  • How to do a protocol using your Higher Self.
  • Work the feedback loop. Make a request and shift the energy in the higher realms.
May you hold a connected supported energy inside yourself and model that in the world.


A Sip About Neediness

A little sip and ramble about how to get the yumminess and release the neediness and intensity that can push what you want away.

Energetic update...About the energy at this time 11-16-17

This third cup is a little energetic update...About the energy at this time 11-16-17.


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Comments & Discussion

jdharnsbergerThank~you so much 🎆💞✨‼️🌀November 18th 2017
JeannetteVery nice 👍 perfect for me todayNovember 17th 2017
leeDitto re: Yvette’s comments about Friday posts. I am having great success with redirecting my energy vertically. It’s a game changer and I so appreciate your teachings on this especially. Thanks Aleya!November 17th 2017
BethNice. Helpful. THANK YOU!!!November 17th 2017
yvetteOh thank you Aleya! I love this new Friday tradition of snippets and teachings. Thank you SO much for the weather report. I've been really feeling this limbo but I thought it was me. This is giving me some hope :)November 17th 2017
Recorded 11/17/2017
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