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01/18/2018 - Breathe Into Stillness [2682]

For the next 2 weeks we are in between the exhale and the inhale. It is a major pause moment. Use today's cup to move into stillness, which allows for a deep pause and reset. This cup is a bit different. It requires more inner stillness. I recommend listening in silence with eyes closed and not behind the wheel. Find the stillness and calm.

  • Close your eyes and imagine looking at your crown.
  • Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  • Breathe in through the nose.
  • With your exhale breathe out the mouth making the sound of the "fire breath."
  • Breathe in holding your awareness on your crown.
  • Imagine light streaming in through the top of your head as you inhale.
  • With your exhale imagine breathing that light down through the core of your body into the heart of Earth.
  • Ground the light through your core.
  • We invite your Higher Self and your Body Deva's Higher Self and your Team to gently quiet and calm the energy of the mind.
  • Come into the simply cycle of the divine.
  • Energetically calibrate your ears for the sound of your essence.
  • Hold your awareness on your divine line, the river of light that flows down the front of your spine.
  • Continue your conscious breath until you feel the river of light within you.
  • Increase your base chakra and ground the light that comes in.
  • Sit in this breath of stillness as long as you desire.
May you hold peace and calm as you pause and deeply reset yourself.

Please feel free to share your feedback about how this one felt for you. Thank you.


Reset in Stillness

Sip on this second favorite cup to reset yourself in stillness.


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Recorded 03/30/2012
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