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05/26/2017 - Right On - Song [2498]

Today's cup is my newest fully mastered song that helps you ride on in an empowered way. This song has a slightly different vibe than my other music. 

Use today's cup of music to open up and walk through the door that supports your greatest happiness as we embrace this new lunar cycle.

Yesterday we began a new lunar cycle. This new Moon is a super Moon in Gemini. In this lunar cycle commit to yourself, and do some Soul searching about how you want to move forward in your life. Roll up the sleeves and allow for a time of inner reflection that will help you reconfigure all of the ways in which you are supported.


On the Aleya front...I am flying from Paris back home today. It has been a lovely trip, adventure, Deep Dive, rest, and exploring new land.


Thank you for your feedback and comments in the chat room below. 

I am deeply touched and inspired by your words.


The Essence of Service

This second cup is a pearl from this past weekends Deep Dive in France.


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Comments & Discussion

NadineCup #1 lovely & refreshing song:) Cup #2 - really important learning step! Blessings:) (favorite/learning)May 26th 2017
annienelson11Wow Aleya that extra nugget about being of service was super Duper helpful thank you so much for sharing that ♥️♥️♥️May 26th 2017
patriciaThat is a beautiful and soothing song.
I feel supported by it.
I appreciate the words of wisdom as well, on holding proper energy for true service.
Safe travels!!
May 26th 2017
BethLovely song. The clarity about service is more than helpful to me. I'very come to know that's how it works and those words help me define it even more.May 26th 2017
jeanadrienneThe new song is lovely, and the insights from last weekend's deep dive are PROFOUND! Thank you for all you do!May 26th 2017
Recorded 05/26/2017
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