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03/23/2017 - Reset Your Energy In the Stillness [2460]

Use today's cup and energetic weather to reset as we embrace a new cycle. Hit the reset button. Use this cup to reset your energy. For the next 4 days sit in stillness as much as possible and allow for the complete release of the old. 

  • Invite the angelic realm to surround you and hold the vibration of stillness.
  • Pull yourself into your divine line and move into stillness so that you can reset your energy. Only in stillness can we do the full reboot.
  • Activate the sacred shape of stillness around you.
  • Let go of your outer world for just a few minutes and focus on your inner light.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to locate, activate, and embrace your highest vibrational blueprints for your life, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and consciousness.
  • Light language reboot chant.
  • Align your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and actions with your Soul's greatest intentions.
  • Release the grids and blueprints that do not serve you.
  • Invite the angelic realm to work with you and help you integrate, embrace, and navigate this higher vibrational blueprint.
Use the reset button to let go of old paradigms that no longer serve.


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Comments & Discussion

mbnollcpawhere can I learn more about the 2,000 year transition we've just gone through? Curious about that.10:06:09am
mbnollcpaelegant and beautiful; washed over with energy near the end, overcome with emotion and cried; thank you10:04:17am
AleyaThank you so much for your comments. I am touched. And inspired.9:05:26am
JeannetteThis is calming, the toning is gentle and it all fits together as relaxing and refreshing.8:08:44am
peaceandquietonepotent, clarifying, calming, appreciated your pacing, steady, slow, better able to absorb.4:54:33am
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