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04/20/2017 - Delve Deep Within and Access Eternal Life Force Flow and Slow Aging [2478]

Use this cup to go deep within and access the eternal internal life force flow. Find the eternal life force that flows within the divine line of you, your Body, and your Team. If thoughts of aging have been surfacing, use this meditation to bring in higher vibrational codes to assist the body in rethinking its evolution, i.e. its aging process. Invite yourself to find a deep stillness and in that stillness find the eternal life force energy for you as a Soul, your body, and the energy consciousness that surrounds you (your Team).

  • Move into a deep stillness.
  • Access the internal, eternal life force that runs in your divine line, the body deva's divine line, and the divine lines of your Team.
  • Activate that life force in the divine cosmic loop of the divine line of you, your body, and Team.
Try to stay out of the mind on this one and just feel it and then the mind will understand. It may take a few listens for the mind to eventually get it. :)


Increase Your Life Force Flow

Sip on this second cup to increase your life force flow.

Use the Fatigue to Release

Come at it from a different angle...if you are feeling fatigue, use it to allow for the release.


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Comments & Discussion

AleyaWonderful. Thank you.April 20th 2017
NatalieThese are great, also after listening to yesterdays cup a few clients I had not heard from for awhile
called for appointments :) So cool !
April 20th 2017
MarilynThese were perfect for me! I am feeling all of it and needed this guidance, lovely.April 20th 2017
peaceandquietoneVery well done, wonderful triplet, momentum builds especially with the 3rd meditation, very generous offering.April 20th 2017
terriThese are excellent! Thank you!April 20th 2017
Recorded 05/25/2012
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