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The TALL Cups of Consciousness

Every 3 weeks Aleya offers a 1-hr livestream video group session for your deep energetic shifts and healing. They are both timely and timeless – you can listen any time. (Join the online chat group before and after the session.)

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Conscious Conversations

Aleya gives a FREE 1-hr Conscious Conversation every few months where she dives in more deeply to answer your questions about the concepts and practical application of the Seven Gateway Principles.

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Energetic Weather Forecast

Every few months Aleya looks at the upcoming planetary energy and gives a FREE Energetic Weather Forecast with guidance to assist with your energetic preparation. Have greater balance, ease, and flow in the upcoming months.

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In-person Upcoming Events with Aleya


MAY 2017

DEEP Dive Intensive Retreat

Provence, FRANCE
May 19 – 21st 2017 (10-5pm)  
JOIN ALEYA in FRANCE for a DEEP Energetic Dive. This intensive will focus on your Team, Guides, manifesting, empathic sensitivity, empowerment, increase inner strength, connection, and clarity in a beautiful resort in Provence.
This is a small, very sacred group with a few spaces left available for you.  A time of deep connection, rejeuvination, renewal, healing, and transformation. (*Aleya does an in-person INTENSIVE DEEP Dive Retreat only once every few years – the next one won’t be until 2020.) 



OCT 2017

5-hr Intensive CLASS
Oct 28th 2017 (12-5pm)   

A 5-hr Intensive Class with Aleya. $85  
Learn the powerful and simple formula that will help you connect with your Guides. Receive greater support, connection, empowerment, and peace as you master the steps for releasing your challenges. Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145.




  If you are unable to attend these events: most will include either a Pre-order audio/video purchase option or will be updated with the audio/video purchase link as soon as they are available. *Check in advance – some events will NOT be recorded.





Most Recent Events, Classes, FREE Offerings & More!

JAN 2017

FREE CLASS to Awaken & Empower the Body

Join Aleya in this FREE class to Awaken and Empower the Body. CLICK HERE for the *FREE* audio file to this 1-hr class.


Aleya’s New Albums

Sample or Purchase Sound Sleep albumSound SleepRelaxing music & toning to quiet the mind & rest deeply.

Across the Meadow Sky AlbumAcross the Meadow Sky ~ An invitation to delve deep into luscious, sumptuous sounds. 

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      Aleya’s #1 best-selling book

Seven Cups of Consciousness
 ~ Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms 
Through her stories and practices, Aleya shows you step-by-step how to work in the higher realms to create your outer world. Access your limitless resources. Experience living from a place of purpose, empowerment, grace, ease, and joy.

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