What Is The “Team”?May 16, 2013

The Definition of “Team” Our team is a group of beings who express themselves in another dimension around us. As children we may remember them as imaginary friends. They are at a similar level of consciousness as we are. They … Continue reading

Angelic BeingsJan 30, 2013

The energy beings in the other realms are often referred to as angels.  These beings have different levels of enlightened consciousness. Some angels are very wise and hold a high level of connection with the state of oneness, and some … Continue reading

The KeyDec 24, 2012

Your physical dimension holds the key to the vibrations that exist in the other dimensions that surround you. Your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, all of your belief systems, all of your thoughts, all of your fears, all of your … Continue reading

Working With Your Angelic TeamJul 24, 2012

The angelic realm that surrounds each individual is here to serve. They have a hard time serving when they are still holding onto issues from other times or other beings. In order to help your team help you, their energy … Continue reading