Healthy PrayerAug 25, 2014

Here’s a video snippet from a TALL Cup of Conscious Session that talks about how to pray a complete prayer and help another person in a co-creative, healthy way.   The transcript:   Healthy Prayer   This is how to … Continue reading

Divine TimeMay 23, 2013

The meaning behind divine time… 1:11 – Call on help with your thoughts and words.  Clear your mind. 2:22 – Your newly planted ideas are becoming a reality.  Manifestation will soon be evident. 3:33 – The ascended masters are near.  You … Continue reading

The FormulaJun 12, 2012

There are 3 energies that affect our reality.   We have a Soul Essence. It is that divine aspect of you.   You have a physical human form, your body. Your body is from Earth. It holds a Nature Consciousness. … Continue reading

Surf Your Emotions To Higher GroundDec 27, 2010

As emotions rise up to the surface, surf them to higher ground. Emotions are energy in motion. If we allow them to pass through us they can literally assist or cells in moving into a higher consciousness. In order for … Continue reading

How to Deal with Empathic SensitivityMar 25, 2009

1) Hold discernment that the energy you are feeling is not yours. 2) Invite your Higher Self to relay all relevant and appropriate information to whomever you are feeling. (You do not need to know what this information is or … Continue reading

Aleya’s Ramble on Energetic DiscernmentMar 9, 2009

Our awareness currently exists on a bundle of light waves. As we evolve into more conscious sentient states of being we move onto higher vibratory bundles of light. Each bundle of light carries different frequency of consciousness. The desire to … Continue reading

Steps for Healing IssuesMar 7, 2009

Before you begin any process call upon the Ascended Masters for their assistance and guidance. Step One: Take a deep breath. Identify and locate the issue by tuning into the emotion that is arising or the pain your body is … Continue reading

What is Happening on Earth Right NowMar 7, 2009

The ringing in my ears reminds me the angles are wanting a word with me. I turn my awareness into the other worlds and open my heart waiting, watching feeling for the energies, information, and transmissions they are intending to … Continue reading