Below are links that Aleya’s Recommends:

The Meridians For the Teeth -Treat your body for healthy teeth. Determine what organs affect each tooth.

Educate Before You Vaccinate – Dr Sherri Tenpenny


Parenting Guidance – Great Information

Online Learning Haven – A great site about educating kids online. Raise addiction awareness ,how to guide people to overcome those addictions.  We aim to not only be the complete informative outlet for the people seeking help, but we want to get to the point where we can prevent addiction by teaching friends and family members how to recognize the signs of addiction.  

Here is a great link for video gaming addiction

Heart to Heart Horse Ranch – Animal Communication and Healing

Biorhythms – Charting your own unique biorhythms

Non Violent Communication Workshops

About Cancer

Quit Smoking

Mayan Time Information

Emotos Work with Water and Sound

Space Weather– Interesting Information and Photos

Cool Products
Salo’s Tuning Forks – The Best Tuning Forks! I love mine!
Mountain Rose Herbs – 800-879-3337
Perelandra – Balancing the Body’s Electrical System
Bee Pollen From Jarrah – 877-787-6457 (Energy and Clarity  – Gives You The Jig Without the Jag)
Think Big Productions – Great Music
Conscious Colors – Color and Aroma Therapy
Salo Sounds – Information about the World and Sound, Amazing Tuning Forks
Great Breast Cream – For the Skin and Fibrocystic Breasts
Little Angel Hugs – Angel Dolls assisting children and the young at heart



Heart Based Singing – with Agatha my voice teacher!
Alexandra Navarro – Angelic Communicator
Fung Shui – Serafina’s Enlightenment Journeys – Serafina Krupp
Jeannette Dashjian – Massage and Pranic Healing in Fresno, CA
John Pofsky – Somatic Therapies – Healing through breath
White Peony Acupuncture – Practicing in Boulder and Lyons, CO
Inspiring People and Projects
Kimberly Klein – Turning tragedy to triumph; life after death
Healing Clinics and Centers
We Care in Palm Desert, CA
The Ra Organic Spa   in Burbank, CA
Tree Of Life  – Patagonia, AZ

Divine Time

1:11 – Call on help with your thoughts and words.  Clear your mind.

2:22 – Your newly planted ideas are becoming a reality.  Manifestation will soon be evident.

3:33 – The ascended masters are near.  You have their help, love, and compassion.

4:44 – The angels are surrounding you right now.  You have their help and love.  No need to worry, help is near. 

5:55 – Buckle up.  Big changes are happening, and they are all good. 

10:10 – Powerful Divine guidance is with you now.  Watch your thoughts.  New plans are here for you.

11:11 – Think about what you want, not what you don’t want.

12:12 – Our thoughts are seeds and they are about to sprout.