Commonly Asked Questions

The daily Cups of Consciousness meditations create guidance and clarity as you move in the world. As you use the daily meditations they assist you in shifting your way of growing and evolving. Often people use drama and pain to create situations for growth. Use the daily meditations each day to grow and evolve instead of using illness, pain, and suffering. The daily meditations are cumulative. The more you listen, the more powerful they become. This may take three month, it may take a year. Take the step of living an empowered, abundant life and do the daily meditations.

Question: Do the daily meditations REPLACE the morning ‘grounding and setting up your energy fields’ meditation that you have online?

Answer: The daily meditations can be used alone or with other meditations. You can experiment and see what supports you and also do what you have time for.
The daily meditations keep you energetically updated with all of the shifts that are occurring on the planet.

Question: I had been doing the morning meditation and then later doing the daily meditation and then before bed I do the ‘Clear Your Fields at the End of the DAY.’ However, for the last 2 weeks I have not been able to get to all of them, sometimes only accomplishing 1 of them a day. Would all 3 be the most beneficial?

Answer: All three are helpful, but just do what you have time for. You can also multitask as you listen to them. The work still happens in your field.

Question: Are the Daily Meditations more current and in tune to the vibration of now and should I forget about the others you have online altogether? I have been using the online ones for treatments for issues that would arise or for the applications they apply to. Should I just focus on the Daily Meditations?

Answer: The daily meditations are current but not as deep as the more extended meditations that I have posted online. Use them both as the need arises and as you have time. If you have a specific issue arising, definitely use the meditations that are specifically focused to your need.