How to ToneNov 14, 2014

I currently do not teach toning but here is are a few little clips to help get you started. How to tone and tone along  

Healthy PrayerAug 25, 2014

Here’s a video snippet from a TALL Cup of Conscious Session that talks about how to pray a complete prayer and help another person in a co-creative, healthy way.   The transcript:   Healthy Prayer   This is how to … Continue reading

Light LanguageSep 2, 2013

It is in the words of light language we create, we perceive, we communicate to the Universe our needs.

All manifests when we utter the words of light of love, in the realms above. Continue reading

An Interesting CommentarySep 2, 2013

I hired Anthony to help me write copy in early 2013. This was a funny and interesting article he wrote about the experience. A job I didn’t really want to take on at first… Aleya Dao came recommended from my … Continue reading

Flip It SheetMay 23, 2013

Click here to download the Flip It PDF We do the opposite of what we are intending on mastering until we reach a certain level of consciousness and we begin to practice that which we intend to master.  Abandonment – … Continue reading

Body InformationMay 23, 2013

The Tooth Chart – Learn which tooth affects which organ.      

Divine TimeMay 23, 2013

The meaning behind divine time… 1:11 – Call on help with your thoughts and words.  Clear your mind. 2:22 – Your newly planted ideas are becoming a reality.  Manifestation will soon be evident. 3:33 – The ascended masters are near.  You … Continue reading

What Is The “Team”?May 16, 2013

The Definition of “Team” Our team is a group of beings who express themselves in another dimension around us. As children we may remember them as imaginary friends. They are at a similar level of consciousness as we are. They … Continue reading

What Causes Suffering?May 16, 2013

What can we do to ease it?   Suffering is caused by having an attachment to another person’s journey and evolution (ie the planet, humanity, friends, family, a partner, etc). Suffering can also be caused by using our gifts externally … Continue reading

Angelic BeingsJan 30, 2013

The energy beings in the other realms are often referred to as angels.  These beings have different levels of enlightened consciousness. Some angels are very wise and hold a high level of connection with the state of oneness, and some … Continue reading

The KeyDec 24, 2012

Your physical dimension holds the key to the vibrations that exist in the other dimensions that surround you. Your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, all of your belief systems, all of your thoughts, all of your fears, all of your … Continue reading

The Desire to ChangeOct 10, 2012

The worlds that surround us in the other realms have limitless possibilities. We have the capability of tuning our minds into these realms where all solutions for all challenges exist. Take a few deep breaths into your belly and find … Continue reading

Working With Your Angelic TeamJul 24, 2012

The angelic realm that surrounds each individual is here to serve. They have a hard time serving when they are still holding onto issues from other times or other beings. In order to help your team help you, their energy … Continue reading

The FormulaJun 12, 2012

There are 3 energies that affect our reality.   We have a Soul Essence. It is that divine aspect of you.   You have a physical human form, your body. Your body is from Earth. It holds a Nature Consciousness. … Continue reading

Shifting EnergyJun 12, 2012

In order to effect a change in the physical dimension we must request that the blueprints and vibrations in the higher realms shift. As soon as it shifts in the higher realms it is then reflected into the physical realm. When you ask … Continue reading

The Power of SoundJun 12, 2012

First there was sound. We begin all things by first emitting the sound and from that sound, matter is formed. Our spiritual evolution is dependent on sound.  We have the capacity to reach greater states of consciousness simply using sound. The sounds … Continue reading

Surf Your Emotions To Higher GroundDec 27, 2010

As emotions rise up to the surface, surf them to higher ground. Emotions are energy in motion. If we allow them to pass through us they can literally assist or cells in moving into a higher consciousness. In order for … Continue reading

Basic Definitions and TermsMay 10, 2010

Higher Self – That higher vibrational aspect of your essence.. Divine Line – The river of light that carries your essence and flows down the front of your spine. It connect to the heart of Source and runs down to the heart … Continue reading

Why We Need BoundariesApr 15, 2009

You have an energy field around you. Only your energy should be in your own energetic field. Own your own energetic space and fill it with your own gifts to hold greater protection, integrity, and empowerment. Model right energy to … Continue reading

How to Deal with Empathic SensitivityMar 25, 2009

1) Hold discernment that the energy you are feeling is not yours. 2) Invite your Higher Self to relay all relevant and appropriate information to whomever you are feeling. (You do not need to know what this information is or … Continue reading

Aleya’s Ramble on Energetic DiscernmentMar 9, 2009

Our awareness currently exists on a bundle of light waves. As we evolve into more conscious sentient states of being we move onto higher vibratory bundles of light. Each bundle of light carries different frequency of consciousness. The desire to … Continue reading

What is Happening on Earth Right NowMar 7, 2009

The ringing in my ears reminds me the angles are wanting a word with me. I turn my awareness into the other worlds and open my heart waiting, watching feeling for the energies, information, and transmissions they are intending to … Continue reading