An Interesting Commentary

I hired Anthony to help me write copy in early 2013.
This was a funny and interesting article he wrote about the experience.
A job I didn’t really want to take on at first…
Aleya Dao came recommended from my friend Lisa, a New York-based graphic artist who mentioned her to me months earlier.
The thing is, I didn’t think I could really get behind Aleya’s products without a good understanding and belief in how they worked. And although I was slightly familiar with energy and sound healing in general, I had to admit I wasn’t a true believer.
After all, I can’t convince anyone else of a product’s value until I believe in it myself. So after mentioning my hesitation to Lisa, I put it out of my mind and went on with a busy schedule of business-related copy work that was filling my schedule at the time.
But my friend was persistent, telling me how her client was “in need of a great copywriter to create a sales page and a few strong sales emails. I wanted to send her to the BEST copywriter I know: YOU!” (thanks Lisa… and yes, flattery will get you MILES ahead!)
So I agreed to connect with Aleya for a brief Skype conversation, to see if there might be a good fit here after all. I outlined a few guidelines for the conversation, and emailed a short list of questions for our agenda. The call was scheduled…
And my mind shifted a whole step sideways
before our talk was over
You see, within the first few minutes of the call, I heard the voice of a confident, grounded and surprisingly detail-oriented communicator describing connections to personal thoughts and feelings, big ideas and real-world events. She spoke clearly, enthusiastically and believably about her approach, her expertise and the benefits of her work.
To tell the truth, I was kind of blown away.
Yes, my prejudices are showing through a little here, I know… but I was expecting some airy-fairy dream-world here, and got back something entirely different. I told Aleya that if her energy work and meditations produced THAT kind of confidence, security and clarity for her viewers, there was definitely a value I could get my head around.
More important, I noticed that almost NONE of that feeling came through on Aleya’s website at the time, as far as I could see. So there was clearly room for improvement in her copy and sales-funnel presentation.
“That’s why I’m talking with you,” she told me.
The project moved along pretty quickly after that, as I immersed myself in Aleya’s audio meditations and teaching style, her visual presentations and interviews, and everything about her audience that I could find. Yes, all at the same time…
Since momentum is SO important in creating a magnetically effective sales flow.
Besides, I usually take a kind of “method-acting” approach to understanding my clients and their target audience, getting into their head and learning to understand their feelings as part of my research.
How’s that in real life?
One day, as the holiday season approached, I shared a funny story with Aleya about one of my early juicing experiences that we LAUGHED about like crazy! And that week, I learned a valuable lesson about creating delicious veggie smoothies… and about absent-mindedly over-indulging in them on a long, work-filled afternoon!
So yeah, this ‘experiential’ take on things gets a little intense and a little crazy sometimes… but you know, it works for me.
And well, it worked for Aleya, too.
With a baseline of sales figures to draw from, we noticed an immediate upturn in subscribers and actual product sales as the initial components of her new sales funnel went into place.
For example, she gained more new subscribers during that first few days of a ‘soft launch’ than had joined up the entire MONTH before. And after revising her offers and pricing structure, we watched her item sales AND profits increase at the same time.
Fortunately, that super-attractive sales trend continued well beyond the first week, too… so it wasn’t merely a fluke or one-time flood of interest.
Then one of my favorite things happened…
Aleya was actually in a hurry to pay off the current project right away… AND put a deposit down to get moving on the next stage we’d mapped out weeks earlier!
From there, our attention leap-frogged into an expanded email auto-responder series (several of them, actually). Along with more discreet segmenting of landing pages, messaging and products in her existing shopping cart to reduce viewer distractions and increase buying momentum (see, there’s that M-word again.)
Now that her new-and-improved sales funnel was clearly converting visitors into subscribers into customers, we added to Aleya’s promotional activities to ‘feed the funnel’. When she discovered an opportunity to appear as a featured guest on a local show in California, Aleya tapped into a little of my copy-and-PR magic to fine-tune her messaging for the show’s producers…
PR and Media Coaching
And we followed it up with a media-coaching voice-chat session, to help her create a focused and sound-bite enriched presentation that the media would love as much as Aleya and her audience did.
When all was said and done, Aleya’s Cups of Consciousness offerings had become a substantial and significant part of her business, in the space of just a few months.
Even better, she now has a largely hands-free sales funnel for that part of her growing operation… giving her a more consistent income AND more time to concentrate on her one-on-one client sessions.
And all of the other time-intensive parts of her personal, consulting and presentations schedule.