Supplement Recommendations

In this wonderfully complex and occasionally stressful world, keeping our bodies healthy can sometimes be a challenge. Below are recommendations of what I do to stay healthy. All of these products I have researched for myself. I personally look for the cream of the crop in all products for health. I strongly encourage you to do your own research and sit with how you feel and how the product resonates for you before your purchase anything.

Brain Octane – Amazing Brain Food!!!!!!

Drops of Life – Slows the process of aging (Use the code 8576 to get $20 off your first order.) I use it and notice a difference. You do need to become a member for a one time $30 charge if you want to order this product.  

Modifilan – Another very potent kelp. They also have a product of kelp called C-Answer that I have had others get great results from. 626-963-4220
Maitake Mushrooms From Mountain Rose Herbs when I am having a cancer thought or feel a cold coming on.

Chaga Mushroom from (Repairs the energetic DNA)

Scary Skin Spots – PDQ – A great topical gel that you put on the skin to bring it back to health. 800-292-0003 I used it on a spot that I felt might one day become cancerous. After putting the gel on it for two mornings only, it turned black and fell off. The spot is now gone. Hummm. Food for thought…
 Other companies that I like are Apex Energetics, Standard Process, Allergy Research and Health Concerns. 


Salo’s Sounds and Tuning Forks – Information about the World and Sound, Amazing Tuning Forks I love mine!
Mountain Rose Herbs – 800-879-3337
Perelandra – Balancing the Body’s Electrical System
Bee Pollen From Jarrah – 877-787-6457 (Energy and clarity – gives you the Jig without the Jag)


About prescription medications and possible side effects.