Divine Time

11799969_sThe meaning behind divine time…
1:11 – Call on help with your thoughts and words.  Clear your mind.
2:22 – Your newly planted ideas are becoming a reality.  Manifestation will soon be evident.
3:33 – The ascended masters are near.  You have their help, love, and compassion. 
4:44 – The angels are surrounding you right now.  You have their help and love.  No need to worry, help is near. 
5:55 – Buckle up.  Big changes are happening, and they are all good. 
10:10 – Powerful Divine guidance is with you now.  Watch your thoughts.  New plans are here for you.
11:11 – Think about what you want, not what you don’t want.
12:12 – Our thoughts are seeds and they are about to sprout.